Thursday, October 31, 2019

Complete a poetry analysis for Whispers in the Wind Assignment

Complete a poetry analysis for Whispers in the Wind - Assignment Example A reflective poem about her married life with a husband who was ashamed of her Cherokee blood. She wrote â€Å"Whispers in the Wind† as an ode to her ancestors. The poem was a message from her to them. Putting into words the sentiments that her family have long held dear about the way the Cherokee Indian tribes were mistreated and massacred by the White colonialists. In deep pain she declares: Evidently the poem is all about the cultural context of her words. Through this poem she declares that their Cherokee bloodline shall not die, nor shall the remaining tribe members be ashamed of it. Instead, their generation will accept the mission set before them. That of making peace and amends between the White man and the Red Skins. What was taken from them can never be returned indeed. But, it is never too late to make amends in order to bring a sense of forgiveness and satisfaction towards the lost lives of their ancestors who fought valiantly to preserve what was originally their land. She personifies the voice of her ancestors through the whispers that she hears in the wind. The messages that she receives from them as she sits alone on some nights, contemplating her heritage and her present, trying to find a common ground between the two. Hers is a difficult life for she has to be both White and Indian at the same time. Through the poem, she declares that her heritage is valuable to her and she shall never let it fall to the wayside. Rather, she calls upon the others in her tribe to find a way to keep their noble heritage alive in a world where it has lost its relevance. Whispers in the Wind is a tribute to her ancestors and their gallant bravery in the face of hardship and abuse. Through her poem, she managed to bring them back to life even if only on paper. The poem was written for them as way for her to honor and love those ancestors from the past. As she tells her readers: That she has done with this particular poem. She has managed to remind

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