Friday, February 14, 2020

Unit 1 Seminar Human Services and policies Research Paper

Unit 1 Seminar Human Services and policies - Research Paper Example It also uses evidences pulled from different social discipline fields such as economics, history and even sociology (Titmuss, 1974). This enhances their profession and gives them a foundation of participating in formulation of government regulations. Thus, govern the living conditions of human beings as well as their behavior. Social policies deal with a number of concepts that directly affect the human services. One of the major issues is social security. Security is a priority because it determines their co-existence with one another, their entrepreneurship and even their choice on where to live. Another significant issue is education. The government regulates this social amenity through its laws as well as its budget(DiNitto, 2011).Other issues include the health, housing, wages, and social behavior such as marriage that surround the people’s day-to-day’s life(Spicker, n.d). All these issues will be reflected in the development of any particular region. In conclusion, social policy is a very important field that requires proper understanding and implementation. This is because it has a direct influence on the people’s wellbeing as well as their behavior towards one

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